Sunday, July 29, 2007


Met up with the Tracey family visiting friends in Germany, Helen is sitting to the right of Anne and I, she missed being in the photo. This is what I learned going to Cologne for the day.
If you click on this photo and enlarge it you can see the signs with the town names. This is on the north side of Brussels where all of a sudden I have no clue what these towns are. I'm supposed to be going towards "Liege" the French spelling of this town, well now all the signs are Flemish, which is similar to Dutch. What is really strange, we were on the way to "Cologne" which I don't know the Flemish for but the German is Köln . So now you need to know the spelling for towns in three languages just to drive a couple of hours.
As we were coming back the signs had the German towns in German and the Belgian towns in French so "Liege" was back.

As we got out of the car we saw a miniature "Louvre" type structure. This is a sight were they are digging up the Roman city below the street level.

This is what you see looking down into the pyramid

Next of course something French, "la plus ancienne masoin parfum", this Italian living here created a new fragrance and named it after his home town. The word "cologne" in French is not as we use it in the states as the Kleenex of the perfume industry but only for fragrances from the city of Cologne, just as they use "Champagne"

This is definitely the Kleenex of Gothic, the DOM as they call it, like the Doumo in Florence, an amazing building that really gives you an idea of the power and influence of the church in Europe. When you look up Gothic architcture, this building is usally at the top of the page.

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