Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chez Moi

"Chez moi," my house. Easy enough. I've heard this for years. "Moi" is my, "chez" must be house. The judges say wrong. "Chez" translates as "at". Figure that one out. Classes start next Saturday. I'll be going to a Flemish school to learn French, this should be interesting. GLTT is in the next town over. I can take the train very easily.

Amelie's new school, La Cambre, she will go to GLTT on Saturdays with me for German

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Sor said...

Chez moi strikes me as slang for "at my (mine)" as in at my place.

eg. "Where are you going, your place or mine?"

"At mine."

I like your blog.