Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Con Carne

The trouble with languages when you don't have any filtering abilities is they get all mixed up.
During my daily embarrassment where I have no idea what my wife is talking about, she says something that I think I understand, followed by "con" ok must be like spanish, it's the same word for god's sake, it means "with" like "con carne" with meat. But of course not we are talking about the french here, which is why when I want to go left, my wife wants to go right. Anyway with the word "con" she is asking "when" . Maintenant, means now, go figure. So our most common use of the word "Prejudice" to prejudge, is not how the word is used in french. We have similar definitions for the word but I have never heard it used for this. They would use it only to refer doing someone harm, to suffer mental distress. In french the word that has then same meaning as prejudice is "prejuge" accents on the "e's" of course.

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