Sunday, April 29, 2007


It's all about food quality with Anne, as it is with my sister of . So as we Americans have come to believe they shop everyday in Europe, small refrigerators fresh food everyday. Well at this house it's different than that. We shop a lot of days but we have a big freezer and we go to different markets on different days for special things available only at these places. Today is Sunday and we go first thing to "boulangerie" the bakery. Not the one you can walk to in the neighborhood where we could get it fresh everyday but to the master "Marc Ducobu". This is a little painful for the weak willed. Not only does he bake the best breads but he is a master with chocolates, pastry, and Glacier, thats ice cream maker. I decided that it would be good for me to venture out on my own, try to find my way to downtown Waterloo, its a mile a way, and be forced to communicate in french. The first week I took a list from Anne, when I got there and it was my turn in line, we aren't the only ones that have discovered Ducobu's, well I couldn't read the note, the man next to me spoke a little english and with a smile wished me good luck. I just gave them the note. Week two I wrote the note myself, this was a great success, I had learned to count in french at the age of 6 so un pistolet, quatre croissants, une grande brioche non coupe, douze chibatas, et deux petits pains blancs coupes. Coupe is cut or sliced. This was great, and every week it changes so I practice on Saturday night and get myself a little psyched. This morning the church parking was full, not for church but the bakery, I got in and the desserts looked great. My turn came and I didn't get the one english speaking counter person, I freaked. Ok start with the easy one, I calmed my self and got through it remembering the Chibata only after I had a total, no problem. They are so proud of me when I arrive home with the right stuff.

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