Saturday, April 28, 2007

How it all Started

So, your going through life and you've got some goals. Your making plans and things change along the way. As we all know "The one constant in life is change".

Well after a few bumps in the road of life, I pulled myself out of the ditch on the side of the road and continued my journey. Living on a great boat which I had purchased for a world cruise with my wife, "major bump" I was now alone and needed a new plan. Winter was really wet last year and it didn't give me much good weather to work on the boat so why not take it to Mexico. I really should work on learning Spanish. A goal of mine, "learn foreign languages". And the weather is better to work on the boat.

Getting the boat some good ocean exercise is good also. You get a real idea of what you need to work on to get ready for a world cruise.
So as I start this plan a client of mine gets busy with new boat plans of his own. In stead of working on getting Mucho Gusto, my boat, ready for Mexico, I was traveling around the Caribbean and Europe, working on finding this client a new boat and getting his old boat ready to sell.

While in Genoa I start a conversation with a woman on the boat next to us. We are comparing notes on our favorite spots to sail. Her's Tahiti, that started me telling her about the Sea of Cortez and how Europeans miss that on there fast track from the Caribbean to French Polonesia. I talked about full time world cruising, she said, "well isn't that everyones dream?"
That was interesting to me because, no it's not, and if it is your's it should be a plan not a dream.

So I guess she liked my "plan" and the stories of the magical land of Mexico because she left me her contact information, which I gladly started using.

Continuing on with the plan I get Mucho to Mexico with plans to have her and her kids visit for Christmas. Well that wasn't very practical so we decided I should come to Belgium for the holidays.
Not bad kinda nice here, so that turned into a few months. Why not stay and learn French instead of Spanish this year. Anne and I can hang out here and fix the boat later to world cruise together.
So we decided to take the boat back to San Francisco from La Paz, put it away for awhile and I would move to Belgium get a job and "LEARN FRENCH AVEC MOI"

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Divina said...

Buon Chance!!!
ton soeur???
buona fortuna.. tua sorella
good luck .. your sister!