Friday, May 4, 2007

Je vous ecoute

Yesterday we entered a friend of Anne's home and I was greeted with "Bonjour, comment allez-vous?", this was a woman a few years my senior. I knew this did not deserve my normal response, "bien, et toi?" The more formal came out of my mouth quite smoothly, I'm sure the subconscious from my grade school french was at work, "Bien et vous?" I kissed her on the cheek, judges say "NON" even though I have been in her house at least 6 times now, that was too familiar, another learn by doing project mistake.

I forgot to tell you, at the cafe the waitress arrived and greeted us with, "Je vous ecoute ". I thought she was speaking Dutch, I hadn't heard this before. Anne answered in French so I had to ask, is she Flemish or French? French, what's wrong with you? What did she say when she came to the table? "Je vous ecoute ", or "I'm listening to you", now that would sound a little weird or maybe rude in English but very polite in French, like above "vous" shows respect.

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Diva said...

love you blogging.. do more!