Thursday, May 10, 2007

Le Chat

NATO, SHAPE, what does that mean? It's English "Supreme Headquarter Allied Powers Europe". I got a job doing my little part for world peace. I'm making pizza for the troops. Believe it or not that involves quite a process. I loved waiting a hour, the office is closed for lunch 12-1, to have a guy stamp my paper, mind you he does nothing else, he doesn't keep a copy, he doesn't write anything down, just looks at it and stamps it. Now this wasn't so bad except now the next office is closed from 1-2 so we wait for them to open.

Well the cats "le chat" need food, I'm out on my own all alone in the Del Haize, that's Belgium's big grocery chain, they are actually a US company now. We have two cats "Nous avons deux chats", adjectives must be the masculine or feminine form to match the noun. " Nous avons un grand chat et un petit chat. " If I am talking about the mouse, that "un grand chat" likes to bring us in the morning, "la souris" , " Nous avons une petite souris." So where do you find the pet food? What do you know, the isle sign says "les animaux, la cuisine", I can understand that. They were not saying animal "cuisine ", another french word we use in English, but that the animal stuff was on that isle and the kitchen stuff is on the other side.

"Le chat meteo" the weather cat. It's great, he comes in, jumps on the bed, I can smell if it's raining out side. Nothing like the smell of wet cat. He makes sure I can feel that it's raining also.

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Diva said...

your Chat looks possesed!