Sunday, October 28, 2007


Lost? Oui! I am always "perdu" whether I'm driving, walking around or listening to someone talk.
So French fries aren't French, they are Belgian as posted on my June 13th blog, what about French toast? Today I found out this is called "Pain perdu" or bread lost. When your bread is old and stale you soak it in milk and egg. Why would someone do this to perfectly good bread what are we thinking? They must think it is really strange that we do this with fresh bread.


liz said...

we are thinking what else can we do with perfectly good more use for bread...the complete food group. what can i say...i am the only witts kid still in with your bread folks...lizzie

liz said...

just one more way to play with food...and bread the perfect food group...what can i say i am the only witts kid left in america...i need to have some fun...lizzie